Pahlavan – The Nobels’ Oil Fate


Amir Pahlavan

The Nobels’ Oil Fate

115 S., ISBN: 978-3-930064-78-6, 16.00 EUR

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Few people know about the deep connection that the Nobel brothers once had with Baku. In fact, parts of the prize money were drawn from their petroleum company. By 1920, the Red Army entered Baku and the family secured their economic future by selling to Standard Oil in New Jersey.
Amir Pahlavan’s novel mainly focuses on the Nobels’ fatal decision. In the struggle of dividing the world, land and oil factors played a central role. To date oil brings both: blessing and a curse. The author retains historic facts in memory and tells the story of the main character Ismayil.

I have been neither an old Bakuvite, nor new one for several months. I was only an ordinary Bakuvite. I couldn’t go back to Europe this time, as if God force kept me here. Delight feelings were more than sad feelings in me. In one hand I was enjoying to my free, independent homeland, from other hand I was mourning to occupation of beautiful charming corner of Azerbaijan as Shusha, Lachin, Kalbajar and violation of internal stability with damaging by outside and internal enemies to this independency. For the reason I was trying with high effort to bring law protectors here from Europe in order to protect trampled rights of my countrymen. Rejections of million persons making in Azadlig square were calling me to think and to defense this integrity till my last breath as Azeri Turkish.