Pahlavan – Issa, Mariem and Sana


Amir Pahlavan

Issa, Mariem and Sana

102 S., ISBN 978-3-930064-92-2, 16.00 EUR

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Issa’s life in Tabriz is breaking apart. Inspired by idealism and lingering passion, he reaches a decision. A decision with a lasting impact on his future: America – that is where he is heading. It is his dream to shake Neil Armstrong’s hand, but first he has to get away from it all and turn over a new leaf. The American Mariem helps him as far as possible. And Issa finds the love of his life …

Preserving its power and value for ages, Tabriz dictates the persistent to the Oriental world. As much as it is the cradle of revolution, as much the castle of morality and humanity, as much the Turkish history, as much tender and sensitive place, it is also the persistent one. For it has many knots in its heart. There are many addresses of anger and fury there. Sometimes Tabriz takes a face of solitude and hopelessness. This is a simple look. Sometimes it feels the pain of some people. However, as soon as it feels its power, it comes to agreement with everything. „Let them feel the pain with me, take offence to me. I don’t have the right to quarrel. If only I had the cool breeze and dismal winds like the Baku ones!“