Pahlavan – Parting


Pahlavan, Amir


72 Seiten, ISBN 978-3-86938-016-2, 14,00 EUR

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In Parting, disappointed by the shallowness of American society, Issa decides to finally follow his love to London. But instead of finding the quiet life he longed for, he is again confronted with injustice. It seems his home country calls him back to reveal an alarming conspiracy including not only the Russian Mafia.

Parting continues the story of the Azerbaijanian exile Issa, known from Amir Pahlavan’s novel Issa, Mariem and Sana, published in 2008.

It seemed that there was no master except the streets and avenues of Los Angeles to give me orders. And as if the crossing streets of the city were seldom saying that there were many ways in this world. Make a way for yourself. Choose the right way, address to the useful one.
I was slowly stepping towards the quarter of colored people as an empty balloon, a careless and hopeless man. Why was I going namely there? I didn’t know myself. Well, I remembered that a colored man had promised me to search for and find a job for me. It doesn’t matter; my heart was bleeding because of idleness. I had no job and no money. How long I could go about hungry! I was not going to use aids of my old acquaintances. I was oppressed by such a situation. I was oppressed by my living. I was remembering Tony in such moments. I was remembering the rich flat of Tony’s. Those moments when I ate to my heart’s con¬tent, had a rest turned into tears in my eyes.