Clark – Lone Hunter


John Clark

Lone Hunter. A Novel from Berlin

210 S., engl., ISBN 978-3-930064-19-9, 20.00 EUR

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The strange product of a strange city, West Berlin, Moses Hoffman plunders the world’s libraries and archives of their rarest books and most precious manuscripts to provide his clients with „books on demand“. This tale of eccentric obsession would be a comedy about Mo’s secretive life with his girlfriend Ines, were it not for a threat that would have seemed quite absurd to the world before 9.11.

Hoffmann is happy to be back where he belongs, among the detritus of a different kind of decadence. Berlin, the air as stale as ever, the promise of perversion and obscure gratifications in dark corners, corrupt and lazy behind closed doors. He still feels a twinge of nostalgia that the familiar French Armoured Personnel Carrier is no longer parked on the hard shoulder of the motorway as you leave the airport. Twelve long years have passed since the Allied Forces quit. Another kilometre and the Funkturm radio-mast hoves into view; an Eiffel Tower in miniature that Einstein had opened in the nineteen twenties with a speech extolling the wonders of science.